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February 2020


A new play by Jonathan Edmondson

Part of the 2020 Philly Theatre Week!

The Strides Collective presents Whirlpool, an original queer play by Jonathan Edmondson. Memories come flooding back when, after not speaking for years, Caleb and Blake reconnect at a party in the same small town that brought them together. Weaving in and out of time from high school to present day, they revisit pivotal moments in their lives to try and make sense of a shattered relationship. More info


December 17-19, 2019

Here[begin] Dance (Zornitsa Stoyanova)

Presents Polish Contemporary Dance in Philadelphia

Polish contemporary dance comes to Philly – at The Iron Factory! Presented by Here[begin] Dance a.k.a. Zornitsa Stoyanova's Projects, two Polish artists – Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska and Magda Jędra – will be offering two free workshops and a showing. More info


12/17: 6-8pm - Workshop w/ Aleksandra - FREE
12/18: 6-8pm - Workshop w/ Magda - FREE
12/19: 7pm - Showing w/ Aleksandra, Magda & Zornitsa - Pay What You Can


wellness retreat 2019 the iron factory.j

October 12, 2019, 9:45am-4pm

On Wellness One Day Reset

More info

Make yourself a priority and learn tips and techniques to create a balanced life. Immerse yourself in a day of relaxation, self care, goal setting, and community building.


Enjoy yoga, meditation, goal setting, leadership seminar and a mini bootcamp. Questions:


September 13-15 + 20-22, 2019, 8pm

she didn't want to be found 

Three Sheets

Part of the 2019 Fringe Festival

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Three scary stories told in fragments, moments, and installations: "The Ghost of Mediocrity", "The Body that Wouldn't Be", and "Papa's Done Gone Crazy". Marshmallows, hot cocoa, tragic dogs, guitars, deadbeats, and an old abandoned farmhouse walk round our campfire and through our waking dreams


August 28, 2019

Power Play: Making process in performance 

S.S. and Company / Eiren Shuman

Join S.S. and Company (NYC) for a free work-in-progress showing to conclude their residency at The Iron Factory. The company has been continuing their research into what power in community means to different communities, and the many different ways power in community can look like. Featuring artistic director Eiren Shuman, with dancers Rohan Bhargava and Davida Sam.

Discussion and Q&A led by Beau Hancock.

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June 14-15, 2019, 8pm

2019 Fringe Preview - Curated by Darcy Lyons


Excerpts by Lyons and Tigers, Ujima Dance Theatre, and Theater Oblivion with Amanda Shaffern


Proceed With Caution - Lyons and Tigers

Grapples with personal, social, and global security and trust in the present day.

Women's Voices - Ujima Dance Theatre

Celebrates the strength of women. Dedicated to those traveling from Central and South America looking for better lives for their families. 

Siren Songs - Theater Oblivion with Amanda Shaffern

A verbatim/documentary style theater piece focused around substance abuse.


December 15, 2018

Shed - Allie Linn 

The Toss Away(s) - Amy Lynne Barr


A dance work by Allie Linn about times in our lives when we go through significant change. Danced by Allie Linn, AshLeigh Arnold, Julee Mahon, and Molly Woytowicz.


The Toss Away(s)

An emotional memoir choreographed and danced by Amy Lynne Barr.


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September 21, 2018

Lurid Circumstance of the Flesh

MG Dance

Lurid Circumstance of the Flesh features two works. The first, The House; the hole(Quinlan), is a movement exploration on imprisonment and isolation and the subsequent descent into psychosis. Forelsket (Hurtado) touches on the experiences, euphoria, affliction, and psychopathy induced by addiction.​

Presented as part of the Philly Fringe Festival.

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September 15, 2018 | all day

In the Light
Vervet Dance / Loren Groenendaal

Powered by humans and sun, the music is acoustic, the dancing is live, and the lighting “design” is by the sky. This semi-composed improvisation from sunrise to sunset is directed by Loren Groenendaal. The large ensemble explores natural rhythms while expanding our senses of art, time, and humanity.

Presented as part of the Philly Fringe Festival.

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September 7-9, 2018

Proceed with Caution
Lyons and Tigers / Darcy Lyons

Proceed with Caution grapples with personal, social, and global security and trust in the present day. A group of dancers explore security in a time of global violence, the Trump presidency, police brutality, mass shootings, and the #MeToo movement.​

Presented as part of the Philly Fringe Festival.

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August 25, 2018

experimental electronic music 

Madam Data//Shani Aviram//Andy Thierauf

3 solo sets + improv trio of experimental electronic music, featuring:

Madam Data
Andy Thierauf
Shani Aviram

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June 22, 2018

Cherry Pop Pie (and other American Tales)
MizantyMoves Dance

New York-based MizantyMoves Dance premieres its newest work, Cherry Pop Pie (and other American Tales. Inspired by prime-time television crime dramas from the 90s and beyond, this quartet imagines the life – and afterlives – of four fictional women. This non-linear narrative utilizes movement and live vocal performances, exploring violence against women in popular American media, the consumption of normalized violence in contemporary culture and The Disposable Woman. 


Performed by company members Larissa Asebedo, Joan Bradford, Kailey McCrudden and Madi McGain, with original live sound and movement by choreographer Megan
Mizanty and collaborators.

June 2, 2018

SHARE presented by The Iron Factory


Works by Evalina "Wally" Carbonell, Madison Palffy, John Bezark and

Chris Baldys, Irina Varina, and Darcy Lyons

The Iron Factory presents SHARE, a semi-annual performance series featuring artists from Philadelphia and beyond! 


May 18-19, 2018

Without Order
Caroline O'Brien

Inspired by Lidia Yuknavitch's memoir "The Chronology of Water".

"I remember things in retinal flashes. Without order. Your life doesn’t happen in any kind of order. Events don’t have cause and effect relationships the way you wish they did. It’s all a series of fragments and repetitions and pattern formations. Language and water have this in common.”

Performers: Adrienne Krause + Kevin Smith (FRED Dance Co.) / Pilar Poeschl/ Sara Nye / Righteous R Jolly / Amanda Edwards / Nate Fried / Caroline O'Brien / Mary Elizabeth / Rebekah Rickards/ Abi Nolin / Laura Baehr and Mina Estrada
Set design and creation by Jason Harris | Sketch work by Kaitlin Chow


April 28-29, 2018


Works by Lyons and Tigers with stb x at,

Zornitsa Stoyanova, Amy Lynne Barr, & Courtney Colón

Lyons and Tigers presents Pendulum, an evening of performance and dance works by Philadelphia based artists:


Lyons and Tigers with stb x at

Zornitsa Stoyanova

Amy Lynne Barr

Courtney Colón


March 24-25, 2018

Harry and The Thief  by Sigrid Gilmer 

Temple Theater's Side Stage

Temple Theater's Side Stage was founded to create a platform for producing student work. The company believes in providing a training ground for students to showcase their ideas and learn more about their craft in a real-life setting. Each semester, Side Stage brings together student actors, directors, writers, designers, and more to put on full-scale productions. 


December 9, 2017

SHARE presented by The Iron Factory


Works by Allie Linn and Julee Mahon, Chris Davis, Darcy Lyons and stb x at, Ashley Yehoda and Lillian Joergensen, Kate Seethaler and Stephanie Turner, and Molly Ross and Nola Sporn Smith

The Iron Factory presents SHARE, a semi-annual performance series featuring artists from Philadelphia and beyond!

Pictured: Chris Davis


September 21-23, 2017

The Storytellers

Joy Madden

Choreographer Joy Madden and her spirited company of Vermont-based dancers weave together dance, music, and storytelling to tell the beguiling tale of heartbreak, humor, and overcrowding in an Irish Catholic family.

More info


September 10-11, 2017

I Have This Many***

Mariana Catalina and Andy Sowers

Misconnection is the name of the game in this brand new one-act. Set in the middle of a road in your home town, three acquaintances/best friends attempt to reach each other and understand themselves within the context of their shared and individual realities. Through Beckett-style humor and blatant physical cries for understanding, their realities collide, unraveling the selves they thought they knew.

Written by Mariana Catalina, Directed by Andy Sowers

Featuring Cameron Kalajian, Mariana Catalina, and Ava Sofia Mattox


September 8-10, 2017

Then The Tail


This site-specific work challenges how we hear and listen to our natural language. Creating space to change our focus from meaning to sound. Then The Tail was created for The Iron Factory, and made in collaboration with choreographer Lora Allen, sound designer Adam Vidiksis, and dancers Elizabeth Weinstein, Ashley Lippolis, CrystalNicole, and Andrea Lanzetti.

Presented as part of the Philly Fringe Festival.


March 18-19, 2017



Works by Darcy Lyons, Celine McBride, Meredith Stapleton, and Mary-Carmen Webb and Harlee Trautman

Lyons and Tigers presents Bricolage – an evening of work choreographed by Darcy Lyons and Philly’s up and coming choreographers: Celine McBride, Meredith Stapleton, and Mary-Carmen Webb and Harlee Trautman.


September 30 - Oct. 1, 2016


In the Water Theatre Company

Bacchic is a new devised piece of theatre that delves deeply into our personal and cultural relationship with alcohol. This show is bold in its use of classical and scientific text alongside dynamic physical storytelling. Bacchic is both dance and theatre, lecture and spectacle, performance and party.

(Photo courtesy Annabelle Cousins)


August 6-7, 2016

In Weeping 

FRED Dance Co. / CrystalNicole

In Weeping is a dance for film that has been adapted for The Iron Factory space. FRED Dance Co.'s Artistic Director CrystalNicole spent the summer as an artist in residence at The Iron Factory creating this live performance version of the film, which is inspired by personal experiences with death and grief.


Performed by Lora Allen, Sarena Kabakoff, Emily Rupert, Geoffrey Waterman, and CrystalNicole.


June 2016

Bellows Falls

Leah Stein

Bellows Falls is a site-specific performance work created by choreographer Leah Stein, artistic director of Leah Stein Dance Company, with musician Diane Monroe and dancer Jungwoong Kim. Created for the The Iron Factory, this intimate work pays homage to Leah's father, who died the previous year. The piece rides the lines between narrative and abstraction, elegy and the present moment, and touches on traces that are left – the memories that remain in a post-industrial space or in the viscera of a mourning body. 


June 24, 2016

The Post-Modern Percussionist

Solo concert by Andy Thierauf

The Post-Modern Percussionist is a SoLow Fest performance featuring original works for acoustic instruments and electronics created and performed by Andy Thierauf. Combining found instruments like tin cans, flower pots, and pipes along with traditional percussion instruments, Thierauf explores sound, noise, and everything in between.


June 17, 2016

2 by 2

Meredith Stapleton and collaborators

A showing of duets by Meredith Stapleton featuring:

Helmet Vignettes with Ben Grinberg
You need to take five? with Meredith Clemons
ScribbleSpeak with Sarah Braviak & Hannah Wasserman
Geometry with Harlee Trautman,
Men Won't Make Passes at Women Wearing Glasses with Evalina Carbonell & Leanne Grieger (excerpt)
Falling in Fancy Clothes with Ben Grinberg
and more behind-the-scenes with Joseph Ahmed & Sophie Malin


March 5, 2016

She Comes From The Sea

PIMA Group / Melisa Clark

The focus of this residency was centered on bodyscape in connection to landscape; personal dances that explore the microcosm of our bodies. Through our personal changing bodies, there is an obvious link to the natural world’s changing landscape. Melisa was in her final trimester of pregnancy and interested in both the internal and external surfaces and sensations of the body and the emotions and feelings inextricably linked to them.


For more information about Melisa Clark's performance work:


March 2016

I'd rather choke than be a quitter

Sam Tower + Ensemble

Sam Tower + Ensemble teams up with Plant Me Here, Shakai Mondai and Sam Whalen to present a time-based performance exhibition, "I'd rather choke than be a quitter". This dance theatre performance features co-creators Emma Arrick, Tess Kunik and Caitlin Dagle, accompanied by a live score from Shakai Mondai. The project is a culmination of Sam Tower's Artist Residency at 1fiftyone gallery + art space, and the material was inspired by the visual art of Sam Whalen. 


Photo courtesy Emilie Krause


October 15-16, 2015

Project Trans(m)it: Phase One

Lora Allen, Megan Mizanty, Becca Weber

Three choreographers come together to present an evening of premieres featuring dance, music and celebration. Lora Allen (PHL), Megan Mizanty (NY) and Becca Weber (Coventry, ENG) feature their original works and dynamic ensembles exploring the boundaries between self and other, internal and external. As part of a burgeoning collective, Allen, Mizanty and Weber join forces for Project Trans(m)it, which explores the transmission and transition of movement across space. 

Waterbody, Somonaut Dance / Becca Weber

April - May 2015

Of our remnants

Olive Prince Dance

Olive Prince's three months as an Artist in Residence at The Iron Factory was a process of working with visual artist Carrie Powell to create site-specific choreography, poetry, and visual art. The stage is set with chairs, empty frames, and abandoned lamps for a dance of expressive physicality and intimate connections to emerge. In this internal and external landscape we become a part of the walls, the floor, the air, each other. Performed by Evalina Carbonell, Brandi Ou, Caroline O’Brein, Emily Reynolds, Grace Stern, Ann-Marie Grover, and Lindsay Browning.

October 2014


Beau Hancock / Stone Depot Dance and Chris Masters

The Iron Factory presents a double feature from local choreography Beau Hancock and New York-based Chris Masters. Hancock's Stone Depot will perform his "Mooring Field (pictured), and Masters' dancers will perform his work "Evergreen."


April 2014


Works by Katherine Ferrer, Pamela Vail, Jungwoong Kim, and Germaine Ingram

The Iron Factory presents the work of New Hampshire-based artist Katherine Ferrier and Lancaster-based Pamela Vail, along with Philadelphia-based artists Jungwoong Kim and Germaine Ingram.


September 2013

The Iron Factory presents Tori Lawrence + Co. and allendance

Featuring live music from Bing & Ruth and Peter Adams 

Two up-and-coming modern dance companies, a seven-piece band from Brooklyn, a critically-acclaimed violinist, and an outmoded 1900s factory. The experience is 60 minutes with award-winning musicians, dancers, and choreographers as they unveil Philly's newest cutting-edge performance venue, The Iron Factory.

Performers: Meredith Lyons and Amy Lynne Barr (Tori Lawrence + Co.) |
Ashley Lippolis and Megan Stern (allendance / Lora allen)

Pictured: Holding Place, Tori Lawrence + Co.

118 Fontain Street, 3rd Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19122